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Ontario Business Name and Limited Partnership Registrations


Sole Proprietorship

Registration of a business name owned by one individual (sole proprietor).

General Partnership

A Business Name registered by two or more individuals. They can be individuals or corporations. 

Corporation Business Name

A Business Name registered under a Corporation as a 'trading name'.  A Corporation can carry on business under a name that's different from its legal corporate name.

Limited Partnership

A special Partnership registration with at least one general partner and one or more limited partners.

Business Name - Partnership/Limited Partnership

A General or Limited Partnership carrying on business under a different name.

Limited Liability Partnership,
Extra-Provincial LLP, EP-LLC

A partnership with special characteristics related to liability and can only be formed by professionals like lawyers, chartered accountants or certified general accountants.

Government Filing Fees

Ontario Business Names Act (BNA) government filing fees.

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BN (Business Number) vs. BIN (Business Identification Number)

The Business Number (BN)is a federal number issued by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) used for Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), payroll deductions and/or corporate income tax. A seperate filing with CRA is required to activate these tax accounts.

The Business Identification Number (BIN) is assigned by the Companies Branch's - Ontario Business Information System and is not the Federal Business number issued by Canada Revenue Agency.