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Copies of Articles from an Ontario Corporation

Regular $30.00 + $10 Government Fee

Certified $35.00 + $36 Government Fee*

Processing Time: **Can take a few weeks due to backlog at Government office.

*Certified copies will follow by regular mail. (in addition to PDF copy by email)

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Have you lost your incorporation documents?

The Corporate Microfiche is a record of corporate documents filed for Ontario Corporations. Corporate documents available from the film include, Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Amendment (name changes and share structure), Articles of Amalgamation, Articles of Dissolution and Articles of Revival. It also provides copies of Initial Notices and Notices of Changes filed before December 1994

The following documents listed below are not available on the Microfiche.

  1. Initial Notices/initial Returns for Ontario Corporations filed after December 31, 1994.
  2. All Notices of Change filed after December 31, 1994.
  3. 1994/1995 Special Notices (Year 3).
  4. Notices of Intention to Dissolve/Notices of opportunity To Be Heard and Cancellation Orders for Failure to file a Special Notice or Annual Return.
  5. 1995 Annual Returns and forward.

Information on the items outlined above are available by ordering a Profile Report, Document List or Point In Time Reports.



Copies of Corporate Articles from another Province

$25 + HST plus Government Fees (varies by Province)

Call or Email

Copies of Corporate documents (incorporation, amendments, amalgamations, dissolution, revival, annual return filings etc.) are obtained from the relavent Provincial Registry Office.  Regular and Certified copies are available.  The government fees and processing times will vary between Provinces.