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Ontario Corporate Profile Report 

$20 + HST, plus $14 Government Fee

The Corporation Profile Report displays information on the public record stored in ONBIS (Ontario Business Information System). The report will display the following:

  • Current status of corporation,
  • Extra-Provincial status (if applicable)
  • Registered office and mailing address,
  • Names and addresses of officers and directors,
  • Indicatation of any active or expired business names
  • Some historical information on corporate name history and amalgamations will also be included.

This report can be combined as a package with the Corporate Document List and Business Names List.  See order form for details, or navigate to the report descriptions using the menu on the left.



Federal Corporate Profile Report 

$25 + HST

A search conducted with Corporations Canada on a Federal Corporation which will provide information similar to the Ontario reports outlined above.  Includes: current status, registered head office address, annual filing status information, directors' names and addresses and some corporate history infomation on the corporate name and documents filed. 



Provincial Corporate Profile Reports

$25 + HST, plus Provincial Government Fees

A search of the public records with the relavent Provincial Corporate Registry.  Information displayed on the reports will vary by Province.  Includes: current status, registered head office address, directors' names and addresses and some corporate history infomation on the corporate name and documents filed. 


Alberta Corporate Profile report $37.16
British Columbia Corporate $36.95
Manitoba Corporate Summary Report $39.25
New Brunswick Corporate Affairs Registry Report $31.64
Newfoundland Corporate Search Report $28.25
Northwest Territories Corporate Registry Report $28.25
Nova Scotia Corporate Profile Report $28.25
Nunavut Corporate Search Report $28.25
Prince Edward Island Corporate Search Report $28.25
Quebec Enterprise Registry Search Report (French only) $28.25
Saskatchewan Corporate Profile Report  $31.25
Yukon Corporate Registry Report $48.25
*Prices listed includes HST, government disbursements and access fees (where applicable) 
*Processing time may vary based on time of order, internet, email and/or system availability.



U.S. and International Corporate Search Reports

Call or Email

A search of the corporate public records conducted with the relevant Secretary of State registry.  Information displayed will vary between States but will include complete corporate name, registered head office or address for service and/or agent for service information.  Note: Director/officer information may or may not be included in the report.  Copies of annual filings may have to be requested in order to determine director information.

Selected International Corporate Reports are available.

Pricing and processing times vary and will be provided by email on a per order basis.