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Due Diligence Searches

Once you have confirmed a company's existence, operating jurisdiction and established its owners through our corporate and business name search services you can now select from our Due Diligence Search services to assist in 'painting a financial picture' on the business or individual.

Reveal both current and historical information relating to Litigation (court case) matters, Judgement details, Bankruptcy, Liens, Asset Sales (Bulk Sales) and more. Before doing business with new potential suppliers or customers these services can reveal crucial information to assist with your business decision processes.


Bank Act Certificate (Section 427)

Canadian Banks have the right to lend money to wholesalers, retailers, shippers and dealers in "products of agriculture...

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Bulk Sales Act

Sales of large quantities of stock or the sale of assets and equipment of the business itself outside the regular course of business are considered a sale "in bulk"...

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Manual Bankruptcy

Conducted at the local Bankruptcy Court office which examines the courts database to determine if a bankruptcy is in process for an individual or business.

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Superintendent of Bankruptcy

This search will reveal any record of bankruptcies, petitions filed at the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and proposals filed in Canada from 1978 to date.

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PPSA - Lien Searches

Searches conducted with the Personal Property Registry on an Individual, Business Debtor and/or a Motor Vehicle VIN.

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Court Record Searches

Litigation searches conducted at Superior Court of Justice for Civil, Small Claims, Commerial List, Estates matters.  Court of Appeal, Federal Court and more.

*NEW - ONLit - Ontario Litigation Locator Search - Province wide search.

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Writs of Execution/Sheriff Search

If a creditor has taken the appropriate litigation steps and fails to collect moneys owed by a debtor in default, a judge may issue a Writ of Execution.

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