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Application for Extra-Provincial License - Form 1

This filing is used by a corporation that is incorporated, continued or amalgamated in another jurisdiction outside of CANADA.

REQUIREMENTS: The following documents must be supplied with the application:

(a) an Appointment of Agent for Service (see below for form);

(b) a Certificate of Status issued under the seal of office and signed by the proper officer (Director, Corporations Branch, or equivelant) of the home jurisdiction and must set out the following:
(i) the name of the Corporation;
(ii) date of incorporation/amalgamation or merger;
(iii) jurisdiction to which the corporation is subject
(iv) that the corporation is a valid and subsisting corporation; and
(c) the original NUANS name search report (click to visit our NUANS services)


Download Form(s):
Completed in duplicate with original signatures and required supporting documents. 
Approximately 3 weeks.
Government Fees:
$330.00 Cheque payable to Minister of Finance.


Service Options:

1. Scan and email signed documents with cover letter to: [email protected]

2. Mail or Courier documents (2 original signed copies with supporting documents) to:

Centro Legal Works Inc.
425 University Avenue, Suite 303
Toronto, ON M5G 1T6


Form 1 - Application for Extra-Provincial License Filng Fees Gov. Fees Total
Application Filing (2 trips required) $45.00 $330.00 $380.85
*Two copies of the Application as well as the Agent for service must be provided with original signatures on all copies.
*A $10 Credit card processing fees apply if Government fees are paid by Centro.