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New Federal Corporation
Form 1 - Articles of Incorporation

This form together with the required supporting NUANS name search (for named corporation) must be file with the Corporations Canada to incorporate a Federal Corporation under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA).

All Federal names must be pre-approved before the incorporation can be submitted.
See pre-approval section for more details.

Electronic Filings

The following information must be provided on the supplied form or can be emailed to our office for processing:
1. The proposed corporation name (NUANS with pre-approval if a named corporation)
2. The Province or Territory of the registered head office in Canada.
3. The classes and any maximum number of shares authorized to issue.*
4. The restrictions on share transfer (if any)*.
5. Number or minimum and maximum number of directors
6. Restrictions, if any, on the business of the corporation
7. Other provisions*

*Corporations Canada supplies pre-defined text for the 'classes and number of shares', 'restrictions on transfer' and 'other provisions'. Using these templates will speed up the incorporation process.

Once all the outlined information is uploaded to the system a draft incorporation document is provided to clients in PDF format for approval prior to final submission. Signatures are not required to complete the incorporation. The completed incorporation documents arrive via email.

Share classes, restrictions and other provisions other than the pre-defined text supplied by Corporations Canada will have to be reviewed by an examiner.

There is no pre-approval requirements for numbered Federal Corporations.


Form: Form 1 - Articles of Incorporation

All information outlined above; NUANS and pre-approval (if named corporation);


Same Day (varies - depending upon client approval)

Government Fees:



Federal (Canada) Incorporation Filng
HST Total
Incorporation Filing only $50.00 $200.00 $6.50 $252.50
Incorporation Filing with Name pre-approval only Nuans provided by client $75.00 $200.00 $9.75 $284.75
Incorporation Filing, NUANS and pre-approval $120.00 $200.00 $15.60 $345.60*
* Processing time for name pre-approvals can range from 2-5 business days. Incorporations cannot be completed until the name is approved.