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Federal Corporation Names & Name Pre-approvals

All Federal corporation names must be pre-approved before the incorporation can be submitted. Even if a NUANS Name search has been completed and there appears to be no conflicting names it must be examined and pre-approved by a Federal examiner at Corporations Canada.

Centro Legal Works Inc. is an approved search house registered with Industry Canada. We provide NUANS Name searches as well as name pre-approval services.
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Federal Name Pre-approval

To ensure a name is pre-approved in a timely manner the following information is required: - the proposesed name; - business activities: nature of business, clientele and territory of operation;
- how the name was derived: explanation of the distinctive element:
Example: Jackson Consulting Inc. Is 'Jackson' the name of a person? a place? an idea?


Form: Corporate Name Information Form

Completed form can be faxed or emailed.
A NUANS Name search must be submitted with the information form.


24 to 48 hours minimum (time may vary)

Government Fees:



Corporation Name Pre-approvals Filing
HST Total
Name pre-approval only $25.00 $0 $3.25 $28.25
Nuans Name Search with pre-approval $70.00 $0 $9.10 $79.10
*The NUANS Name search fee is an additional $45 plus HST.
*If the name is rejected and requires a new NUANS report, additional fees will apply.