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How We Do It

Our Mission

To exceed your expectations with every service request, no matter how small...it's that simple!


Our Goals

To use the latest in information technology to deliver the most efficient search and registration services customized to meet each client's requirements at competitive rates. We constantly monitor industry and technology changes and apply them to our procedures to ensure clients receive the most current, accurate and reliable results.

Our focus in public record searches, registrations and filings has allowed us to achieve an excellent level of service and expertise. Not to mention servicing some of Canada's largest law firms.  We maintain our competitive rates and exceptional turn around times by utilizing direct access to public record sources & government offices and forming strategic business relationships with contacts across the Country.


Flexible Pricing Solutions

Why pay the same price per search when ordering 30, 50 or 100 names?  Reduce the cost per search by utilizing our Flexible Pricing Solution.  Save time and money by outsourcing time consuming data-entry.  Email your lists to [email protected] and results will be emailed to your desktop.  Contact us to receive a quote on your next high-volume order.


Document Filing Services

Corporate Document filings and Business Name Registrations remains to be a large part of corporate law and has been one of our specialties for years.  We can devise a custom pick-up/drop off schedule or provide an on-demand service.  We utilize instant messaging technology for instant pick-up notifications and allow clients to communicate directly with our clerks via mobile phone from the government office. Reduce errors and processing times by emailing missing or corrected pages.  Receive scanned PDF copies of all filings or registrations upon completion.


Court Search Services

Utilize a single point of contact for all your litigation search needs across Ontario and Canada.  Receive consistent reporting for searches from various court levels and copies of court documents emailed to your desktop from any court across Canada.  Save time and reduce administrative costs by communicating with one contact.