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Limited Partnership Report - Ontario

$20 + HST, plus $8 Government Fee (Certified $16)

This is a report of the registration filed under the Limited Partnerships Act (LPA) that will display the partnership name, operating & mailing address, general partners and there address(es). Some information on amendments, dissolutions and withdrawels will also be included in the report.

Note: Copies of the original registration document are NOT available. See Document Replica.




Provincial Limited Partnership Report

$25 + HST plus Government Fees - see below

This is a report is similar to the report described above which is ordered from the relevant Provincial Business Name Registry.  The report will display the partnership name, operating & mailing address and general partner information.


Limited Partnership Report - Province Total Price Processing Time*
Alberta $37.16 1-2 hours
British Columbia $36.95 1-2 hours
Manitoba $39.25 24-48 hours
New Brunswick $31.64 1-2 hours
Newfoundland $28.25  1-3 hours 
Northwest Territories $28.25 24-48 hours
Nova Scotia $28.25 1-3 hours
Nunavut $28.25 24-48 hours
Prince Edward Island $28.25 1-3 hours
Saskatchewan $31.25 1-3 hours
Yukon $33.25 24-48 hours
*Prices listed includes HST, government disbursements and access fees (where applicable) 
*Processing time may vary based on time of order, internet, email and/or system availability.