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Litigation Court Filing Services

As part of our litigation support services we offer Court Filing services covering Ontario. Filing services are available for the following Courts:  Superior Court, Small Claims Court, Commerical List, Bankruptcy, Estates Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court.  Do you have a document ready for filing?  Request a pick-up right from our home page.  Our location next to the Toronto Superior court allows us to offer quick reliable service.
As part of our dedication to quality service at competitive prices we will do our best to notify you of any errors, or missing information/documents prior to filing to help keep the costs down. Corrected or missing information can be emailed directly to search@centrolegalworks.com Once completed a PDF copy is emailed for confirmation with originals to follow at your convenience.

Request a filing using our online pickup form.  (Downtown core only, client website registration required.)


Bulk Sales Affidavit Filings

We provide filing services for Bulk Sales Affidavits across Ontario. Simply send the documents to our office with a memo and appropriate documents indicated below.

Important Notes:
Bulk Sales Affidavits must be at the Superior Court based on the location of the assets being sold and must be filed within 5 CALENDAR days of the sale/transaction, which includes weekends.

Bulk Sales Filing Requirements:

  • 2 original copies of the Bulk Sales Affidavit
  • Statements of Secured and Unsecured Creditors
  • Backing pages for each set of documents
  • A cheque payable to the Minister of Finance for $95
  • A memo on firm letterhead with detailed instructions
Bulk Sales Affidavit Filing CENTRO
Bulk Sales Affidavit Filing - Toronto Superior Court
(Court Fees $75 additional)
$30.00 n/a $33.90
Bulk Sales Affidavit Filing - Out of Town $30.00 additional  
 *Please ensure a cheque payable to the Minister of Finance for $95 is included.
 *Courier and agent fees are additional for out of town filings.


Toronto Litigation Filing Services

Below is a breakdown of our filing fees

Filing Description - Court Type CENTRO
HST Total
Superior Court - Higher Court Civil Matters (Claims, Defenses, Motions etc.) $30.00 3.90 $33.90
Superior Court - Orders/Judgments requiring 2 visits $40.00 5.20 $45.20
Estates Court $35.00 4.55 $39.55
Court of Appeals for Ontario $35.00 4.55 $39.55
Federal Court $35.00 4.55 $39.55
Toronto Small Claims Court - (47 Sheppard Ave.) $55.00 7.15 $62.15
Additional copies $.25 /page    
Fees indicated above apply to regular non-expedited filing services only.  Additional charges may apply to RUSH or Same Day service requests depending on the time the request is made. Fees indicated above are for standard processing times only, additional charges will apply to RUSH or SAME DAY filings.
A disbursement administration fee will be applied to any filing or issuance where a government fee of $50 or more is paid on your behalf.
All Government, agent, copy, courier and fax fees, where applicable, are in addition to Centro's fees and will be billed as disbursements.
All fees listed are subject to change without notice.




Out of Town Litigation Filing Pricing

Out of Town Filing description CENTRO
HST  Agent Fees Total
Brampton $65.00 $8.45 - $73.45
Newmarket $60.00 $7.80 - $67.80
Oshawa $65.00 $8.45 - $73.45
Hamilton $75.00 $9.75 - $84.75
Barrie $70.00 $9.10 - $79.10
Outside the above jurisdictions $35.00 $4.55 Additional Varies