Is your LRO closed and you need to file Articles or Registrations?

Date: December 9, 2020 Author: CENTRO Categories: News & Updates

If your LRO is closed in your area and you need to file Ontario Articles, or Registrations, we can help!  We offer same day processing for all Ontario Articles, Business Name Registrations and Limited Partnerships.* Complete a Client Application form and email your documents to [email protected] and we will take care of the rest!  Once filed a scanned PDF copy will be emailed for confirmation with the originals to follow by your choice of regular mail, or courier.

*Documents must be emailed before 3 pm in order for same day processing.  The Ministry at 393 University Avenue closes daily at 4 pm and due to the growing crowds and approaching year end, same day service may not be possible for late day requests.   We will notify clients if a request cannot be processed the same day.

If you have any questions please call or email and we would be happy to help!

Thank you and be well.

Team Centro


*Postage and courier fees are additional.

*Administration fees apply if paying by credit card.