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NUANS Name Search Reports

Centro Legal Works Inc. is a registered member with Industry Canada.


What is NUANS? Federal NUANS Report and Name Pre-Appprovals
When is a NUANS report required? The Elements of a Corporate Name
What is a Preliminary Name Search? Why Choose Centro?


What is NUANS?

NUANS is a large computer program maintained by Industry Canada used to compare a proposed corporate name or Trademark name with a databases of existing and proposed corporate names, business names and Trademarks. A listing of the most similar existing and proposed names will be produced in a NUANS report, which will includes corporate names, business names and trademarks.

NUANS a registered trademark of the government of Canada and the software and data are the property of Industry Canada.

NUANS Name Search Report $45 plus HST



What is a NUANS Name Reservation report?

The NUANS Reservation Report consists of a 7 page PDF document.  The report will identify the Province and include a 9-digit reservation number which can be found on the top left directly under the proposed name.  This reservation number along with the name and the date of the report are required for the online incorporation process.  The first row of the report will show the proposed name, Province, Reservation number and the date of the report.  The first 3 pages will contain the most similar existing Corporation and Business Names and the following 2 pages will contain similar TradeMarks. The last page is the Terms and Conditions from the service provider.  The report is valid for 90 calander days from the date shown on the report. 



When is a NUANS report required?

A NUANS report is required for the following types of filings:

  • Incorporating a new Ontario Incorporation (both profit and non-profit)
  • A new Canada (Federal) Incorporation
  • Changing a corporate name by filing Articles of Amendment
  • If a corporation is amalgamating with another corporation(s) and will operate under a new name.
  • A Foreign Corporation (outside of Canada) that files an Extra-Provincial License Application in Ontario.
  • A domestic Corporation that wishes to file Articles of Continuance into Ontario.
  • Requirments vary between Provinces it is best to inquire with the Provincial Corporate Registry office to confirm their requirements.



Do I need a Preliminary Name Search (a.k.a. Pre-search)? 

A Preliminary Name search is highly recommended before ordering a NUANS Report. It is the process of searching the database to see whether there are existing exact, or similar names that may conflict with the proposed name.  It is included with each NUANS Report order and includes up to 3 varations of the name. We allow for 3 variations in case a conflict is found in the preliminary search process.  A Preliminary search report will be provided which shows the search results and outline any potential issues with the name.

Additional benefits of Centro's Preliminary Search 
Our search consultants will break down the name by keywords or terms and search them individually, including words or terms that phoenetically sound the same.  They will also try different spelling variations to ensure that any and all potentially similar names are found.  Many providers only search the name exactly as provided which can miss the slightest variation.  We save you time and money by thoroughly searching the first time to avoid the cost of additional searches.

A NUANS Preliminary search can be ordered on its own for research purposes. Price $15 plus HST



The Elements of a Corporate Name

A corporate name should consist of 3 elements, a distinctive element, a descriptive element and a legal element.

  • The distinctive element can be a dictionary word or a word thought of by the user in order to produce a unique name and distinguish it from others. It can consist of initials, a made-up word, a last name etc.
  • The descriptive element is a word or words that describe the type or nature of the business. Please see the examples in the chart below.
  • The legal element is mandatory and identifies the name as a corporation.  Legal elements include: Limited, Ltd., Corporation, Corp., Incorporation, Inc.

Distinctive Element

Descriptive Element

Legal Element

Amore Restaurant Limited
Callaway Gulf Clubs Corporation
NetCom Computers Inc.
Smith & Smith Business Consulting Ltd.


Basic rules to follow when thinking of a name:

  • The name must not have a name that is of a known: Existing Corporation, Trust, Association, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, or Individual
  • The name must be distinctive.
  • The name must not cause confusion with any existing name or trademark.
  • The name must include a legal element.
  • The name must not include unacceptable or prohibited terms.



Federal NUANS Reports and Name Pre-Approvals

All names to be used for a Federal Corporation whether it be a new corporation, or a change of name must be pre-approved by an examiner at Corporations Canada.  A Federal NUANS Report must be ordered and submitted with the pre-approval application.  Even if the report shows no potential conflicts with the proposed name the pre-apporval is still required.  Once approved, a letter is issued by Corporations Canada that contains a Request ID and Confirmation number used to proceed with incorporation or name change process.

Federal NUANS Reports and Name Pre-Approvals  Price from $45 plus HST




Why Choose Centro to conduct your NUANS Report?

  • Centro Legal Works is a registered search house with Industry Canada.
  • Our price includes a comprehensive preliminary search that analyzes different combinations of the words within the name, different keywords and spelling variations.
  • The preliminary name search report will include screen prints showing any and all exact and similar names found compared to the proposed name.
  • The report is emailed in PDF format and there are NO delivery fees.
  • Many firms charge additional for the actual NUANS report, our fee includes a comprehensive preliminary search and a complete NUANS report, which reserves the name for 90 days.
  • Need another copy?  Your report is stored on our servers for a minimum of 1 year.


Found a lower price?  Be careful and read the fine print!

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