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Ontario Incorporation
Form 1 - Articles of Incorporation

This form together with the required supporting NUANS name search (if required) and fees must be file with the Ministry of Government Services Companies Branch to incorporate a new Ontario Business Corporation under the Ontario Business Corporations Act (OBCA).

Need a NUNAS name search? NUANS Name Searches.


Option 1: Manual (Paper) Filing over the counter

Documents are prepared by client and filed in paper form over the counter by our clerks. Documents must be filed in duplicate with original signatures on both copies. A valid NUANS name search must be provided to incorporate a named company.  A cover letter with full contact details is also required for article filings. 

1. Scan and email signed documents with cover letter to: [email protected]

2. Mail or courier documents (2 original signed copies) to:

Centro Legal Works Inc.
425 University Avenue, Suite 303
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1T6


Form is completed in duplicate with original signatures on both copies.
A valid NUANS Name search for named corporations. (report is not older than 90 days)
A cover letter addressed to the Ministry of Government Services.
Same Day
Government Fees:
$360 Cheque Payable to: Minister of Finance


Option 2: Electronic Filing

Particulars regarding registered head office, mailing address, names and addresses of the directors, incorporators and the share structure and any provisions are supplied by the client in electronic format. The information is uploaded to the online system and a draft is provided to the client for review, approval and a signature prior to processing.  Original signatures are NOT required, however an approval signature is required on the electronic draft which can be emailed or faxed.

Incorporation information can be emailed to: [email protected]

Note: Centro Legal Works cannot advise on the number of shares, share structure, provisions and restrictions on the business.  This information must be provided by the client.  We strongly recommend you seek legal advice.


Ontario Incorporation Pricing

Articles of Incorporation Filng
Manual Paper Filing only $35.00* $360.00 $399.50
Manual Paper Filing with NUANS Name search $75.00 $360.00 $439.10
Electronic Filing $64.95 $356.50 $429.89
Electronic Filing - with NUANS Name search $109.95 $356.50 $480.74
*A cheque must be suuplied for government filing fees of $360 payable to Minister of Finance for manual paper filings.
*A credit card must be provided for electronic incorporations for non-account holders. 
*A $10 Credit card processing fees apply for government fees paid by Centro.
Courier fees, copies or postage is not inlcuded.