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Ontario Corporation Filings

 Notice: Credit Card processing fees apply where Government disbursments are paid by Centro.

New Ontario Incorporation

Incorporate a Named or Numbered Ontario corporation.  Manual and Electronic filing options available.

Amend an Ontario Incorporation

Change the corporate name, number of directors or the share structure or provisions of an Ontario corporation.

Change an Address, or Director / Officer information

File a 'Notice of Change' to modify addresses, directors and officer positions.  Manual and electronic filing options available.

Extra-Provincial License in Ontario

Obtain and Extra-Provincial license in Ontario by a Federal or other Provincial corporation.

Extra-Provincial License
(Foreign corporation)

File an Extra-Provincial License by a Foreign corporation. (a corporation outside Canada)

Revive a Corporation

Revice an Ontario corporation that has been cancelled by the Companies Branch or Corporate Tax Branch.

Dissolve a Corporation

Voluntarily dissolve an Ontario corporation.

Government Filing Fees

Ontario Business Corporations Act government filing fees.

Need a Government Form?

Visit our Resources section for all the Ontario Corporation Forms.