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Change Corporation Details
Form 1 - Initial Return or Notice of Change

This filing is used by a corporation that is incorporated, continued or amalgamated in Ontario:

(a) as an Initial Return to be filed within 60 days of the date of incorporation, continuation or amalgamation;
(b) as a Notice of Change that must be filed within 15 days after the change or changes take place.

Make changes to:

    • Mailing address or Registered Head Office
    • A director or officer's position (title)
    • A director or officer's address
    • To add (appoint) or remove(cease) a director

If you need to change the Corporation Name, the minimum and maximum number of directors, or share structure please see Articles of Amendment.


Download Form:
Option 1 - Manual Filing: Email the completed form to: [email protected]
Option 2 - Electronic Filing: Email the details of the changes, or the completed application to the same address.  A draft will be prepared for approval prior to final submission.
Manual: takes up to 25 working days for the Ministry of Gov. services to process.
Electronic: 1 to 3 hours
Government Fees:
See chart below.


Service Options:

1. Email the application and cover letter to: [email protected]

2. Upload the documents for filing (*No signatures required, client website registration required)

3. Mail or Courier the documents to:

Centro Legal Works Inc.
425 University Avenue, Suite 303
Toronto, ON M5G 1T6


Tip: If filing electronically please indicate in your email or speak with a Search Consultant.


Initial Notice/Notice of Change Pricing Filng Fees Gov. Fees Total
Initial Notice - Form 1
(Submitted with Articles of Incorporation electronically)
$20.00 $16.95 $39.55
Form 1 - Initial Notice/Notice of Change
Electronic Filing (5 directors and UNDER)
$35.00 $23.26 $62.81*1
Form 1 - Initial Notice/Notice of Change
Electronic Filing (5 directors and OVER)
from $45.00 $23.26 $74.11*1
Form 1 - Initial Notice/Notice of Change
Manual 'Paper' Filing
$25.00 $0 $28.25*2
*Total Fees include on-line access fees and government disbursements.
*1 A Data Extract from the ONBIS system is provided showing current officers and directors before any modifications or deletions are made. Draft filings are provided for approval prior to final submission.
*2 Manual Filings can take up to 25 working days for complete data-entry. A Corporation Profile Report must be ordered to confirm any changes after 25 working days.