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PPSA/PPR (Lien) Registration Services

Centro Legal Works Inc. provides electronic search and registration services across Canada under the Personal Property Securities Act. Register a financing statement, amendment or discharge to maintain security interests in the personal property of a debtor and establish priority over other individuals. Documents can be prepared in minutes with drafts delivered right to your desktop for final approval prior to registration.

New Ontario PPSA Registration     
Ontario PPSA Full Discharge     
Amend (change) an Ontario Registration    
New Registration in Quebec    
New Registration in another Province    


Notice: These services are strictly reserved to legal and business professionals only.  Special terms and conditions apply to PPSA/PPR registration services which are outlined on the request forms. Please review the terms and conditions carefully. By completing, signing and submitting a requisition form to Centro Legal Works Inc. you agree to the terms of the service.


About PPSA (Ontario)

The PPSR system is a notice filing system that records and reproduces information concerning consumer and business loans where goods and other personal property are used as collateral to secure loans.

Registering a personal property security interest requires the registration of a security agreement or what we refer to as a 'financing statement'. This registration perfects the security interest in the creditor giving them priority right to the security interest in the personal property, which is some form of collateral. If the creditor fails to register as required by the act, a purchaser may obtain title to the goods or another creditor may obtain security interest in the goods.

For more specific details on The Ontario PPSA Act - Click here

Looking to conduct a PPSA/PPR search?  Visit our PPSA/PPR Search section.

*Charges apply for draft preparation, even if client does not proceed with final registration.


PPSA/PPR Registration by Province (1 year)

 Centro & Access fees Government 
Fees per year
Total Cost
Ontario $37.50 $8.00 $50.38
Alberta $41.50 $2.00 $48.90
British Columbia $41.50 $5.00 + $1.50 access $53.59
Manitoba $41.50 $11.00 $56.90
New Brunswick $41.50 $23.00 base + $9.00 $81.89
Newfoundland $41.50 $25.00 base + $9.00 $84.15
Northwest Territories $41.50 $10.00 base + $7.00 $65.20
Nova Scotia $41.50 $26.50 base + $9.25 $86.09
Nunavut $41.50 $10.00 base + $7.00 $65.20
Prince Edward Island $41.50 $26.00 base + $7.00 $83.28
Quebec $41.50 $25.00 base + $3.00 /yr. $78.15
Saskatchewan $41.50 $10.00 $56.90
Yukon $41.50 $10.00 + $7.50 $63.90

*The total amounts are based on a 1 year registration.  The prices listed are subject to change without notice.

*Charges apply for draft preparation, even if client does not proceed with final registration.