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Ontario Land Title Search - 'Property Search'

From $27.50 + HST, plus $32.84 Disbursements


What you need to conduct a search?

A Property or Land Title searches can conducted anywhere in Ontario if you have any ONE of the following pieces of information:

    1. Search by the PIN Number (the Property Identification Number) Note, this is NOT the Tax Role Number contained on most property assessments.  A PIN number will be in this format: 12233-4455.
    2. Search by the exact municipal address.  Not all properties are entered into the databse by the Municipal address.  Some properties are entered by the legal description which can be found on property tax assessment documents. Note: Some properties in remote jurisdictions in Ontario may not be entered into the electronic system and may require a manual search.
    3. Search by the exact Owners Name and City of residence.
      Having the exact spelling of the owners name as it is registered on the title is required.
    4. Search by an Instrument Number.
      This number can be found on a Parcel Register and would be used to obtain a copy of a document like a Deed, Transfer, or Charge (Mortgage).


What will you receive from a title search?

The Property / Land Title search will reveal the following information:

  • The name(s) of the current owner of the property. It will also provide a history of previous owners.
  • It will list all documents (instruments) registered on title since the date of electronic conversion. Additional information can be obtained by ordering copies of the documents/instrument. Request must be made using the instrument number.
  • Upon request, copies of the Deed, Mortgages, Transfers and/or Liens can be obtained.
  • Upon request, a Writ of Execution on the registered owners as they appear on the Parcel Register. This will reveal details of any outstanding judgements on the parties (owners).


Notice: The Land Titles/Property search services provided by Centro Legal Works is for information purposes only.  Comments or discussions in relation to the search are to assist in locating the property in question and should not be construed as legal advice.  We strongly recommend that you seek legal advice from a licensed lawyer. 

The Parcel Register and information provided is not considered a complete 'Historical Search'.  If a Historical search is required to establish chain of title etc., it is also strongly recommended that you seek legal advice from a lawyer.


Ontario Land Title Searches Centro Fee Gov. Fee  Total Price Processing Time*
Property Search Inquiry Only
Centro summary report only, print outs not included.
$15.00 - 16.95 1-3 hours
Property Search - Parcel Register  $27.50 $32.84 first page varies same day
Parcel Register - additional pages - $2.24 ea.    
Copies of Instruments - Transfers, Charges and/or Liens) additional $10.00 $1.00/pg. varies  
Instruments per page fee   $1.00 ea.    
Writ of Execution search on registered owner(s) $20.00 $15.42 $38.02 1-3 hours
Processing times may vary and exceed indicated time depending on system availability.