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Articles of Revival - Form 15

This form is used to revive a corporation where the Director has cancelled the certificate of incorporation under Section 241 of the Business Corporations Act and it is less than twenty years after the date of dissolution.

The following documents must be supplied with the application:

(a) All outstanding notices and returns;
A current annual return must be filed with the Ministry of Finance upon revival. Any outstanding Special Notice/ annual Return filings from 1992 to 1995 must be attached with the outstanding fees ($50 per year not paid to a max of $150).
(b) An Ontario biased Nuans Name search is required if the corporation is being revived more than ten years from date the corporation was cancelled, OR, if the corporate name is being changed at time of revival.

(c) A consent letter from the Minister of Finance is required if the corporation failed to comply with Corporations Tax Act, Employer Health Tax Act, Fuel Tax Act, Gasoline Tax Act, Land Transfer Tax Act, Retail Sales Tax or Tobacco Tax Act.
Ministry of Revenue - Client Accounts and Services Branch
33 King Street West, 4th Floor, P.O. Box 622
Oshawa, ON L1H 8H5   Tel: 1-800-959-5525


Download Form: Articles of Revival - Form 15

Completed and signed in duplicate
Nuans Name Search
Consent Letter from Minister of Finance not more than 60 days old.


Same day - over the counter

Government Fees:

$330.00 Payable to Minister of Finance.
$50/year of outstanding Notices (in a separate cheque)


Service Options:

1. Scan and email signed documents with cover letter to: [email protected]

2. Mail or Courier documents (2 original signed copies with supporting documents) to:

Centro Legal Works Inc.
425 University Avenue, Suite 303
Toronto, ON M5G 1T6


Articles of Revival Filing Fees Gov. Fees Total
Article Filing $35.00 $330.00 $369.50
Article Filing with NUANS Name Search $75.00 $330.00 $414.75
Special Notice Filings only
*Fees of $50 per year of outstanding returns
$30.00 $50/year varies
*Two copies of the Articles with original signatures, a NUANS report and a consent letter from Minster of Finance.
*A $10 Credit card processing fees apply for government fees paid by Centro.