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Corporate Searches - Ontario | Canada | U.S.

We provide a complete range of corporate search services to help you reveal the required information to confirm a company's existence, current status, corporate documents, previous names, trade names and operating jurisdictions.


Corporate Profile Report

Report reveals current status of the corporation, registered office, mailing address, officers and directors...

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Certificate of Status or Compliance

Certificate provides current status of the subject corporation.  Available for Ontario, Federal and Provincial Corporations

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Ontario Corporate Document List

Report lists all documents filed by the corporation since June 27, 1992...

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Ontario Business Names List

Report reveals all active business names ('trade names') registered to the corporation 

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Ontario Corporation Point-In-Time Report

Report displays changes in information of the corporation as a specifica date since June 27, 1992. Document List may be required for change date.

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 Copies of Articles

Order copies of Incorporating, Amending, Amalgamating, Reviving documents filed by subject corporation.

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Ontario Inactive File research

Examination and copies of corporate files that have been transferred to off-site storage and not available on film.





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