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Government Fees

The following prices are from the Ontario Ministry of Comsumer and Business Services Branch and related Ontario Government offices only.

The fees listed in this page are subject to change and may contain errors.

SEARCHES - Ontario Business Corporations Act (OBCA) Fee
Corporation Profile Report   $8.00
Corporation Point-in-time Report   $8.00
Corporate Document List   $3.00
Corporate Business Names List   $8.00
Certified of any of the above (Add 8.00)   +$8.00
Corporate Profile Report and Document List   $11.00
Certificate of Status   $26.00
Certificate of Non-Filing   $26.00
Certificate of No Record   $26.00
Statement of No Record   $8.00
Corporate Microfiche   $10.00
Certified Corporate Microfiche   $36.00


BUSINESS NAME SEARCHES - Business Names Act and Limited Partnerships Act (BNLP) Fees
Business Names Report   $8.00
Limited Partnership Report   not avail.
Statement of No Match   $8.00
Certificate of Non-Registration   $26.00
Document Replica   $8.00
BNLP Document List   $3.00
Partnership Business Names List   $8.00
Certified of any of the above
(Add 8.00)


Filings and Registrations - Ontario Business Corporations Act (OBCA) Fee
Incorporation   $360.00 
Amalgamation (<10 Corporations)   $330.00 
Amalgamation (>10 Corporations)   $500.00 
Amendment   $150.00 
Restated Articles   $150.00 
Dissolution   $25.00 
Continuation in Ontario   $330.00 
Auth. To Continue in Another Jurisdiction   $330.00 
Revival   $330.00 
Reorganization   $150.00 
Arrangement   $150.00 


Business Names Act Fee
Form 1 - Sole Prop. or General Partnership   $80.00
Form 2 - Business Name under a Corporation  
Electronic Registration (Form 1 or Form 2)   $60.00
Limited Liability Partnership   $80.00 
Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Partnership  
Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Company  


Limited Partnerships Act Fee
New/Renewal Declaration   $210.00 
Late Renewal (Add 150.00 penalty)   $360.00 
Change   No Fee 


Due Dilience Searches - Ontario Fee
Certified P.P.S.A. Report   $8.00 
Uncertified P.P.S.A. Report   $8.00 
C.S.R.A. Copies (particulars)   $12.00 
C.S.R.A. Copies (Complete File)   Varies
Depends on size of file.
Bank Act - Electronic   $14.78 
Writs of Execution   $14.39 
Writ Report (each)   $6.00
Official Receiver   $8.00 


Court Filings Fee
Bulk Sales Affidavit   $75.00 
Garnishments   $115.00 
Motions   $127.00 
Notice of Application   $181.00 
Notice of Intent to Defend   $144.00 
Application for Divorce   $167.00 
Statement of Claim, Notice of Action   $181.00 
Statement of Defence   $144.00 
Statement of Defence with Counterclaim or Crossclaim adding a party   $181.00 
Writ of Seizure - Issue   $55.00 
Writ of Seizure - File with Sheriff   $100.00 


Ontario Court Fees